In our tech-dominated world, you may hesitate to use direct mail marketing to promote your small business. After all, isn’t “snail mail” dying out? It may surprise you that direct mail is actually one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you. Here are a few of the many reasons that direct mail marketing is a good idea for your business:

It’s affordable

Direct mail is a cost-effective option for small businesses. Each piece of mail costs cents to print, and postage is fairly low as well. You can also start by sending out your advertisement to a smaller group of consumers first, and then expanding over time.

It’s highly targeted

By using direct mail, you are able to target your demographic very specifically. By using a direct mailing company like NameWorks, you are able to send your advertisements to people who are specifically interested in your product, leading to higher conversion rates.

It’s highly measurable

You can track your mail to test the effectiveness of your mailing campaign. You can see who responds to your advertisement by using a tracking code, which will help you narrow your focus.

It’s personal

It is easy to personalize direct mail to the individual. People are more inclined to respond to mail that is addressed and written to them specifically than a generic email.

It gives you access to anyone

While some people have multiple email addresses or no email at all, everyone has an address.  Therefore, using direct mail expands your reach to your customer base.

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