Direct mail marketing has its naysayers. It is common to believe that due to the technological advances of recent history, print mail is no longer an effective marketing tool. However, this is simply not true. Don’t believe us? Here are statistics that prove that direct mail marketing is still effective, and why:

Direct mail is popular

  • Direct mail marketing is used heavily; it accounts for 43% of all local retail advertising.
  • Adults younger than 24 years old are the most responsive to direct mail.
  • A whopping 92% of young shoppers prefer to use direct mail to make their shopping decisions.
  • A recent survey by International Communications Research discovered that 73% of consumers prefer direct mail advertising over others.
  • Over half of consumers believe that print marketing is more trustworthy than other types of marketing.

Direct mail is popular simply because people love getting mail. In a technological world, people are used to seeing digital marketing, and now actually getting mail has become a novelty. While you may be under the impression that mail is dying because the younger generation is ambivalent about it, young consumers are actually the most excited about getting mail!

Direct mail is personal

  • Most (70%) Americans think that direct mail is more personal than email.
  • One survey of large businesses across different industries found that more than 60% of the businesses were running campaigns that were personalized.
  • Most people believe that direct mail marketing campaigns take more effort than internet campaigns.

If you want to add a personal touch to your marketing campaign, direct mail marketing is the way to go. Consumers love getting mail from their favorite businesses because they recognize the effort that is involved in a print media campaign. Instead of sending an email blast out, get more personal by sending out direct mail.

Direct mail can be integrated with technology

  • Three-fourths of small businesses believe their ideal marketing strategy uses both print and digital marketing.
  • You can now use Quick Response (QR) codes and Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to connect your customers to your website directly from your print advertisement.

Integrating your direct mail marketing with digital marketing allows you to get the best of both worlds. You can seamlessly connect your print and digital campaigns through the use of QR codes and NFC technology. Utilize both to maximize your marketing potential.

Direct mail solicits responses

  • After receiving direct mail from a new business, 40% of consumers will try them out.
  • Many retailers see far more responses to their direct mail marketing than they did in the 1980s.
  • Direct mail has a high return on investment; advertisers who spent $167 on direct mail saw earnings of $2,095, which is a 1,300% return.
  • On average, direct mail marketing gives businesses a 13 to one return on investment.

Direct mail may be a more costly investment upfront than email or social media, but the return on investment is much higher for direct mail. It is worth investing in direct mail marketing campaigns.

With these statistics in mind, it is undeniable that direct mail marketing is a good investment for your business. NameWorks has the direct mailing lists you need to target your ideal consumers. Contact us today for more information.