Cut through the the noise!

Intelligently find and convert consumers in Real Time at the Right Time.

IAM provides a new and innovative way to reach Consumers through email based Retargeting using social media impact.  The Most innovative way to find new prospects.

  • We Empower Marketers with fully actionable Real Time, Right Time Intelligent Audience building through email Retargeting.
  • IAM’s algorithms decipher social media likes, follows and conversations, competitors, traffic, keywords, search, websites and email direct response to discover potential consumers . Once discovered your email is sent directly to them.
  • Emails are beautifully rendered across all devices and email platforms, allowing you to easily reach consumers no matter where they are.
  • Open and click through rates exceed that of a normal email.


Marketer Regular Email       IAM Index
 Motorcycle Manufacturer
   Open Rate 10.0% 36.3% 363
   Click Through Rate 5.0% 10.7% 214
 Wireless Carrier
   Open Rate 2.6% 6.5% 250
   Click Through Rate 5.4% 9.4% 174
   CPC N/A $0.87 N/A
   CPA $160 $16.88 11