Bringing a new dynamic to marketing.

NameWorks has worked with clients just like you for over a decade. Bringing over 30 years of combined experience to the table, we subject all of our direct marketing methods to constant research and development. In an ever-changing world of technology, flexibility and real-time data is the only chance a business has to survive — and that is exactly what we work to provide.
We understand that no two businesses are alike, which is why we make an effort to really understand both you and the work you do. As a family-owned business, this level of customer service just comes naturally. In this way, we are able to custom tailor a direct marketing plan that really works, without breaking your budget.

We provide qualified, experienced, and highly personal direct marketing services, such as:

  • Direct Mailing Lists
  • Emailing Campaigns
  • List Building
  • Joining Acquisition and Retargeting (JARVIIS)
  • Lead Generation
  • And more!

We understand that effective direct marketing comes hand-in-hand with intelligently designed campaigns and real-time, reliable data. At NameWorks, that is what we do best. Whether you are looking for consumer data, business data, or email data, our passion for direct mail marketing and our dedication to you will give you the confidence, the data, and the plan in order to not just survive in your industry, but thrive.

Call us today or schedule your appointment for a free, no obligation quote, and see what a qualified direct marketing list company can do for you and your business.

NameWorks has an extensive collection of consumer lists that will cover just about any market. This versatility gives you access to many lists and allows us to give you a wide selection to help you create the best targeted list possible. Our consumer lists span a large array of subjects, which means we will more likely to create the ideal lists to target any consumer. Because we are a smaller company, we work closely with you to get you the highest quality data for your direct marketing campaign.

Our B2B clients include a variety of industries. Our lists are perfect tools to target your direct marketing to the professionals that you are looking to reach. We can find you the best data to obtain the targeted market you need to be successful.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing has increased in popularity because emails have become a huge part of the daily lives of consumers. Emails can give you an edge with instant response and instant tracking. We can efficiently and clearly get your message to your targeted audience. Our direct marketing lists are scrubbed and subjected to a high rate of scrutiny to give you the best possible results. With our one-on-one service, your email campaign will be a great way to reach an audience, or even a great business partner. We can make sure that the direct mailing will match the emails, giving you a two-touch campaign.